Title Reports/Lien Reports

We offer Title Reports and Lien Reports on properties.   

A Lien Report (sometimes called an Ownership and Encumbrance Search or O&E Search) is a report we offer that is limited to providing the current surface owner and voluntary liens against a specific piece of property as of a certified date and time.  It also includes involuntary liens that appear of record against the owner(s). 

A Title Report shows the condition of the title to the property as of a certified date and time.  It will provide the surface owners name and legal description of the property.    It will also include a listing of the rights other may have in the property, such as holders of easements and right of way’s.  Further, grants of Oil and Gas Leases and mineral conveyances and severances* can be included.   

*The listing of a mineral conveyance or severance is not necessarily an indicator of the current mineral ownership.   A Mineral Search would be necessary if current mineral ownership is needed.    Mineral research is very detailed and there are professionals that specialize in that field.   We can provide you with contact information for some local professionals that can provide you with current mineral ownership.