Real Estate

Avoid delaying your closing

Critical information about the sellers:

•   Full legal name of each seller. (What you go by: ex. Robert-Robbie, William-Bill,  Elizabeth-Liz Single? Husband and Wife? Widow?

•   Full mailing address of sellers, including the zip code and the property address, if different from the mailing address.

•   Every phone number at which you will allow us to contact you.

•   E-mail address

•   SSN’s of the sellers. Indicate his/hers.


Critical information about the buyers:

•   Need same information as from the Seller except for the SSN


Legal description of the property which may be obtained from:

•   Copy of prior deed or deed trust regarding the subject property.

•   A copy of a previous survey plat made when property was purchased, if available.


In addition:

•   The amount of earnest money deposit to be made under terms of the contract (if earnest money is to be deposited.)

•   Proposed sale price. Amounts of down payment and proposed loan.

•   Name of proposed lender. Proposed loan conventional or FHA/VA?

•   Name, address, phone number and your lain number with your current lender.

•   If current ownership of the property differs from that of the previous purchasers, in any way, from

    the names of the sellers in this transaction, a detailed explanation of the circumstances and persons involved will be necessary. (Example: mom and dad took title, dad passed away, the sellers are now mom and the kids)

Steps to Real Estate Closing